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Here at DM Osteopathy we are passionate about your health and well being going forward. We look not only to treat your current source of pain, but what has caused it and how we can prevent it in the long term.

Dominic is a passionate osteopath with a background in gymnastics and coaching, and a detailed knowledge of injuries commonly associated with sport and maximising the body's performance to best cope with the stresses.

Back & Neck Pain - Weybridge Osteopath

Back & Neck Pain

Did you know that back or neck pain will affect up to 80% of people at some point in their life time. Osteopathy can prevent these symptoms and find the source of the pain
Sports Injuries Weybridge Tolworth Osteopath

Sports Injuries

Here at DM Osteopathy we work together with the patient to diagnose, explain, treat and rehabilitate your pain and injury. To get you back in action as quickly as possible.
Management Tolworth Osteopath

Diagnosis Treatment & Management

Using multiple diagnostic skills allows me to understand the true cause of your symptoms. This means we can work together to fix the problem, not just mask the symptoms briefly.

What to expect ...

The initial consultation will include some simple questioning regarding the presenting complaint and other relevant medical history. This will be followed by an examination of the basic movements and special tests to help formulate a formal diagnosis. We will then discuss these findings prior to anytreatment.

If further treatement is required, returning consultation will follow a similar pattern, working towards the best self-management of the presenting complaint. All advice will be easy to follow, but if any further information is required, feel free to ask at any point, during or after the consultation.

All consultations are 30 minutes and are carried out by appointment only. Same-day appointments are available, but subject to availability. I endevour to see all patients at their best convenience.

“After years of trying to get my lower back and trapped nerve sorted out with various different so called specialists, DM Osteopathy sorted all my problems. Highly Recommended” Paul Goodrich

DM Osteopathy

All our practitioners are fully certified and registered with the relevant associations. 

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