Celebrating Movement & the Shape of You

I recently watched the 2017 World Gymnastics Championships held earlier this month in Canada, mesmerised by the abilities of the athletes and by the spectrum of ages and body types competing in the same sport, which never ceases to amaze me about gymnastics. I confess, I am no expert but I was part of a club for a term when I was 7. We did a group floor routine to a song about a dinosaur. I was very proud of my round off. Then my sister broke her nose with her knees on the uneven bars (how’s that even possible?!) and that was the end of our stint in gymnastics. Given that I’m usually the clumsy one in the family, it was probably the safest decision at the time.
Back to the true gymnasts… congratulations to GB’s Claudia Fragapane who earned a bronze in the floor and Max Whitlock for retaining his world gold medallist title in the pommel horse. And hats off to all the other athletes who achieved amazing feats to make it to the world stage. With the variety of ages and body shapes taking part in the events, it’s obvious that this sport is not so much about winning the genetic lottery but about working hard to discipline your muscles, joints and mind. Reminds me of Ed Sheeran’s summer hit, Shape of You. Thankfully the girl in the video is a hard-working athlete.
As a sports and remedial massage therapist, I’ve seen another sort of strength as well. Volunteering for the past year with the The Disability Foundation, I have been treating people with limited mobility and chronic conditions. I truly admire my patients’ determination to make the most of their lives and persevere through ongoing challenges.
So I ‘round off’ this reflection with the following encouragements: Enjoy your training –let your body show off the movements it was incredibly designed to do – mobility is a gift not everyone has the luxury of holding. But also be kind to yourself and love your body by looking after it. Seek treatment in time to prevent injuries, maintain flexibility and promote a quicker recovery. Musculoskeletal treatment such as osteopathy and remedial massage benefit health maintenance, athletic performance and a thorough recovery from pain and injury, for all ages and body shapes. Find us upstairs at Tolworth Gymnastics Club or check out DM Osteopathy , we look forward to helping you.

Emese Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist